Dragon’s Blood Serum


The serum nourishes and protects the skin while also providing the most effective skin lifting and shaping results. It helps to restore the skin’s youthful ‘bounce,’ and the serum’s composition works to deliver intense wrinkle plumping benefits. The serum also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity, making face contours appear more smoothed and lifted.


A lightweight serum that provides an instant burst of moisture to dehydrated skin while also combating inflammation caused by UV ray damage to the skin. A combination of dragon’s blood, small molecular hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide, oligopeptide, and plant extracts promotes healthy, youthful skin.


  1. Dragon’s Blood contains plant-based polyphenols (proanthocyanidins) that have been shown to repair collagen found in the skin tissue for a more plump, firm and youthful appearance.
  2. Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid According to research, molecules with lower molecular weight are smaller, and can therefore reach the deeper layers of skin. There, they sustain skin’s moisture content.
  3. Acetyl Hexapeptide is designed to lessen the appearance of wrinkles by preventing muscle contractions, similar to Botox. Stimulates collagen production: The ingredient also promotes the production of collagen, which plays a role in keeping our skin firm and smooth.
  4. Oligopeptides  cause an increase in proteins like collagen and help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkling and help to improve volume and plumpness of the skin. Not all peptides in skin care are engineered to unlock the full potential of these powerhouse cell signalers. The ability to get past the skin barrier and work at the cellular level is what makes oligopeptides literally a breakthrough ingredient


Massage softly the serum into a cleansed face and neck each night

Finish off the process with a moisturiser

           Beyond Skin Pro Tip:  Use after the Silk Amino Cleanser and follow               with the Snail Mucin Moisturiser

Clinical Data

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