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PRF is a treatment that uses your own platelets and has extremely high quantities of white blood cells, fibrin, and a small number of stem cells that are found in our bloodstreams. The blood is spun at a slower speed to make PRF so that the layers of the blood do not separate as clearly. Some white blood cells and stem cells are able to remain within the platelet layer rather than being split as a result of this.

The Beyond Skin protocol is innovative, and it will revolutionise the way you think about autologous treatments in aesthetics. You’ll learn about the most up-to-date scientific principles and clinical applications of regenerative medicine and aesthetic anti-ageing therapy. Our skilled trainers have pioneered PRF in the UK and have unrivalled knowledge in this specialised field of regenerative therapy.

We provide the most complete training in the UK, covering skin science, blood pathology, and growth factors, among other topics.

PRF training
PRF training near Liverpool
PRF training
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Skin treatments that target specific areas of the skin, such as;

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This treatment is fantastic for the natural approach

Fibrin is a protein that is produced in response to an injury anywhere in the body. Platelets circulating in the blood will bind to a fibrin scaffold. Growth factors are released when platelets bind to the fibrin scaffold. This initiates wound healing by generating new skin cells, collagen, and blood vessels. A controlled inflammatory response is created by injecting PRF into a face or scalp area, which kickstarts new cell growth, hair growth, and collagen production.

PRF Under Eye Volume is a treatment that uses your body’s own platelets and growth factors, which are important in helping to reverse tell-tale signs of ageing.

PRF plasma for eye treatment is a collection of “super-healers” carefully extracted from your own blood. This concentrated mixture is responsible for bone healing and wound healing in our bodies. When it comes to aesthetics, we can use it in a variety of ways.

PRF training Course

PRF training course                                                                                                                                                                                 £870

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